7 Rules To Avoid Scam While Trying to Invest in Bitcoin

“70–80 percent of trades are happening with algorithms.”

While this is true, i did not know how to start doing it until i came across “QuantumFund.ai”. (Don’t ever trust this site). I thought this could be a scam and searched for it. Viola! there were number of sites mentioning that this site was scam. Ok, but did they really try working with them or were they throwing out of their guts? I didn’t believe them and decided to give it a try with just $100.

Rule #1

Rule #2

Rule #3

Rule #4

Rule #5

If your inner voice tell you the guy looks innocent and maybe he was killed in a car accident during Christmas, DON’T LISTEN TO THAT VOICE :)
Funny name, serious look :) CEO of identically designed ponzi site qubittech.dev

Rule #6

Rule #7

“Bot trading is mostly about automating your leg work and freeing your time, nothing further.”

To sum up, even for someone like me, working in the technology business, it was not 100% obvious given the amount of work and effort spent to create these sites and put systems in place. These sites are translated in tens of languages, their trading api’s are really working and all. I cannot understand how greedy people are, when it comes to scammers. This can only come from a sick brain and can’t be human. You have all the technology and waste it just to get peoples hard earned money. I have nothing else to say, i wish you die alone suffering.



I will turn my $25k to $1 Million trading #Bitcoin

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Bitcoin Millionare

Bitcoin Millionare

I will turn my $25k to $1 Million trading #Bitcoin