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2 min readJul 17, 2021

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Back in March 2020, on a Friday afternoon i left the office for the first lockdown of pandemic. That was the last day I’ve seen that office and my team — as the director of product management. One month later, i received a phone call from the CEO informing me that i was put on unpaid leave but there’s nothing to worry, because he can’t afford NOT having me on the team. I was confident that i would go back to work when things get normal, because i was also the top performer.

Three months later i receved a phone call from the CEO letting me know that my services are no longer needed and i should start looking for a job. He basically took over my role and convinced the board that i’m no longer needed, so that his existence would be justified and he would not be fired. (Side note: the company has two CEO’s, that’s how wierd this company is)

However they were not able to fire me because government suspended lay offs. That meant, if i don’t resign at my will, i will stay employed, but not get paid until suspension is over and when it’s over, i will be fired.

It took seven months to come to an agreement. I got paid for my resignation. They basically paid my unpaid salary back to me as a part of the deal. All while locked down at home.

I will never forget this.

After working like animals for 25 years, i was left unemployed in the middle of a global pandemic. That changed my world view and how i see compaines, owners, professionalism and work life in general. They all make use of your financial dependence until they can dump you.

I want to work for things i like and not for the money. I have zero respect to companies who make advanage of current financial system to suck peoples lives. There are good ones ofcourse, but the system itself is working against humanity and i’m opting out. There are millions of people just in my country that were forced to resign by the help of government. Some, even didn’t get any compensation at all. Pandemic has proven that governments, commercial institutions and finance system is corrupt.

My story does not go like “i invested in Bitcoin at 10k and 6x’ed my hard earned money”. First, I got scammed in a ponzi scheme and even worse pulled my family members in it just because i was too lazy to learn how to manage my own money and too afraid of Bitcoin’s volatility. On top of that i was unemployed and needed a stable income.

This is the story of how i learned to trade Bitcoin properly and make use of it’s volatility.

Few words about my anonymity, i prefer to stay anonymous because all that matters is the content i provide and i want to help everyone to learn how to invest in Bitcoin and make money while not getting scammed or rekt.

Thanks for reading.

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