You are alone in trading. You should take the time to educate yourself and take responsibility of your investing decisions. If you are looking for someone to tell you when to buy or sell, there’s a good chance you won’t succeed, because you don’t know the agenda of these people who might be getting paid to spread fear and greed.

When i lost my job at the begining of COVID and got scammed shortly after, i made a pledge to master technical analysis, so no one can fire or scam me again. …

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Back in March 2020, on a Friday afternoon i left the office for the first lockdown of pandemic. That was the last day I’ve seen that office and my team — as the director of product management. One month later, i received a phone call from the CEO informing me that i was put on unpaid leave but there’s nothing to worry, because he can’t afford NOT having me on the team. I was confident that i would go back to work when things get normal, because i was also the top performer.


Follow Bitcoin Millionaire: @bitcoinmill18 on twitter.

I was scammed by a ponzi scheme. I didn’t know how to trade Bitcoin the right way and was scared by its volatility and thought;

“I’m not a trader, so i should find a trader or some kind of a fund that will return stable income.”

Back in 2010, one of the founders of my former employer was exploring algorithmic trading in forex. As someone who is in technology business and internet startups for more than 25 years now, i thought this was a yesterdays problem and started searching for it.

One day on…

Bitcoin Millionare

I will turn my $25k to $1 Million trading #Bitcoin

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